Why Use a Realtor for New Construction?

When Mike and Cassie decided they had outgrown their first home and needed to move on, they contacted the agent that had originally helped them with their purchase, Dan Whitacre. After touring numerous properties, Mike and Cassie decided building a new home was the best option for their family. With Dan’s guidance, Mike and Cassie selected a prominent regional builder. Dan accompanied them to meet with sales representatives and advised them on the offer to purchase. During the construction period, Dan was there to help navigate through hiccups and negotiations with the builder. Just before closing, Dan met Mike and Cassie at their new home to conduct one last pre-settlement walk through. During the walk through, the construction superintendent casually mentioned that the neighbor’s fence was situated on their property. Having a professional on their side prevented future complications when Dan promptly notified the super that having an encroaching structure was not acceptable to his clients. Dan’s attention to his clients’ best interests resulted in the fence being relocated just two days before closing. Had Mike and Cassie not elected to use a REALTOR®, they could have missed the encroachment and been pressured to close, not knowing they could have done anything about it.